Silenced by HOPE!

“Temptation can be silenced by hope !!!”

As I go on with the day, and as I look around, talk to people, I realise more every passing day that it’s only “hope”, that helps people to move on. Any tiny ray of hope is the only thing, that keeps people together mentally and even physically these days. Life isn’t unfair, but it’s not that only these days has made us realise that. But the thing is life has never been fair at all. That’s what and that’s how it’s been. And that’s how it will always be.

When we think about hope, what is it? What is having hope? For every individual, hope can have a different meaning. For some hope can be in a form of some other person, for others it may be something related to passion. For some hope can also mean having something in future. But for me, just seeing the sunset and sunrise gives me hope of a better day tomorrow.

“Hope is finding light even when it dark.”

During these not so happy days, seeing everything around or hearing everyone’s word. We kind of lose track about this, about having hope. We lose track of what we have been wanting, or we want. We have even lost track of time. But is it worth it? Can we not find hope even in times like this?
Yes, agreed that it’s been a phenomenal situation and the whole world is suffering. But do you not feel that when you look behind at your past, don’t you find one thing we might have fought bigger than this. And that too alone. So, what’s the point of losing hope now? Why do we have to forget that we are not alone in this? I know saying is a lot easier than facing it. But I do believe that even though how much we suffer, we will always find something to hold on to.

Hope is holding onto something precious to us.

Hold on to that tomorrow. Hold on to that passion. Hold on to that smile that makes you joyful. Hold on to anything that keeps you alive.
Life is beautiful even when it’s unfair. And if you can’t see that just sit and watch the sunset and sunrise. You will see the beauty in nature.

Let your hope, shape your tomorrow. Not the pain, hurt or suffering.




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