I KNOW IT’s hard !!!!

Life is hard, but it’s worth it.

Moments are hard, but still it’s worth it.

Some days are hard, and sometimes the moment is hard. Everything cannot be easy. Every moment cannot be easy. But this doesn’t mean that day, that moment or that particular time is not worth it. It’s rather too easy to say but letting go is the only option. If you learn to let go, you will learn to live your life. Let go doesn’t only mean the moments you are sad, unhappy or the moments that are hard to live by. Letting go of the moments that are too cheerful, too happy, too peaceful and the best moments of your life is equally important.

I have learned from my experiences that whether it’s a pretty small thing or way too big, you can never really know the impact of it, until it’s too late to resolve. But then that’s the hard reality, that’s the truth of life, or rather that’s the challenge of life. You only think of life, when it’s too hard, you never remember your life or rather your soul when you are happy. You will never cherish your life, when you are happy. That’s the reason life is hard, that’s the reason you have those sad, hard moments. To maintain balance.

I know in a time like this, it’s easier said than done. But this is the time to realise, to give yourself time to think, to question yourself. Yes, it’s hard time, and we should rather focus on keeping ourselves in a much better mood than ever. But this is the time to question yourself, else life will.

Life is hard, but it’s worth it. Everyday can be hard, but still everyday is worth it. The day from sunrise to sunset to moon rise and again back with sunrise. Everyday comes with new hope, everyday sunrises with new hope, and everyday sunsets to remind us that it will rise again so we have to as well.

If sun would never set, we would never have the gift of new day, new hope and a reset button. Similarly if there weren’t moments that made life hard, we wouldn’t cherish the good ones.

Live it, love it, cherish it.




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